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Incanto Dinner Collection

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 Incanto designs were inspired by Italian art, the landscape, as well as Venetian history. The soft ripples of the Adriatic Sea are mimicked in the ruffle design while the pleated pattern reminds us of evenings spent at Teatro la Fenice, the famous Venetian Opera House. The stripe is reminiscent of the strong stately columns of Palladian villas along the Brenta River, the lace was inspired by the famed lace of Venice’s Burano Island, and the baroque style recreates the architectural curves of 17th century Europe. A beloved classic for over 10 years, Incanto is finished in a beautiful white glaze complemented by a subdued charcoal hue. Each piece is handpainted by maestro artisans allowing subtle brushstrokes to complete the design. 

  • Dishwasher, oven, microwave and freezer safe

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